Society of Illustrators

Estoy muy contenta! Tres de mis ilustraciones han sido seleccionadas para participar en la exhibición anual de Society of Illustrators en Nueva York.
Las ilustraciones seleccionadas se expondrán en el Museum of American Illustration del 7 al 30 de enero.


I'm excited to announce that three of my illustrations have been selected to be included in the Society of Illustrator's 57 exhibit in New York.
The original works are exhibited at the Museum of American Illustration at Society of illustrators in January 7 to January 30, 2015.


Lola Azul said...

Me alegro mucho. ¡¡Felicidades!!

Irma Gruenholz said...

Gracias Lola! ;)

Sarah Dunk said...

Congratulations Irma, an honour deserved.
I am trying to find a way to see your printed illustrations here in Australia! I especially hoped to purchase the deck of cards but have not been able to locate them. Can you suggest where I might be able to buy them online?

Irma Gruenholz said...

Thanks so much Sarah!
The deck of cards can be purchased online here:



Cheers! :)

Sarah Dunk said...

Thank you again Irma. The first option appears to be out of stock but I have contacted the second to see if they ship to Australia. Quite challenging with my lack of Spanish!