A cup of coffee


El Hada de los Cuentos said...

¡QuĆ© maravillosos trabajos! Te felicito

Un abrazo

Irma Gruenholz said...

Gracias! ;)

RAWLS said...


thea said...

love the monkey :) We went to africa this year and the monkeys kept coming and pinching our food, reminds me of happy moments :)


Sonia Coloma said...

Genial ¡¡¡¡

Anonymous said...


I came across your breathtaking artwork that is made from plasticine and I am doing a report on it for class.

With your permission, I was wondering if I could ask some questions about your Art Career.
We are supposed to do a profile of our favourite artist and if you agree, here are the questions:

What education and training have you had in Visual Arts?

What have you accomplished throughout your career?

What artists and mentors have influenced your life as an artist, and your work in general?

Finally, what are you doing next in your artistic career?

Thank you so very much, I am a huge fan of your work and you have a very strong fan-base here.

Irma Gruenholz said...

Hello Lakni! I am going to send you the answers to your mail.

Debby Lin said...

Cute!! I love your works!